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To be able to complete a merit badge during Pathways to Eagle the preparation work MUST be completed BEFORE and turned in at the START of the merit badge session.


Due to the shortness of the sessions, teaching is not possible. The Scout needs to have read the merit badge pamphlet BEFORE the session and be prepared for each of the requirements.


The availability of a Merit Badge session will be based on the actual availability of Merit Badge counselors on the day of the event.

Electricity   Electricity     Electricity

This Merit Badge requires 2 sessions to complete.

The Pathways to Eagle preparation work items for the Electricity merit badge are: 2,  5,  8,  9a,  11

  • Items in RED - MUST be completed before the session starts to make it possible to complete the merit badge at Pathways to Eagle. Bring proof of completion (item, written work, note, photo, etc.)
  • Items in GREEN - Can be completed before the session starts or done during merit badge session.
  • Items in BLACK - MUST be ready to demonstrate your knowledge of these requirements during the merit badge session.
Scouts are strongly encouraged to use a Merit Badge worksheet to show that they have done the preparation work for the merit badge. Download the workbook for the Electricity Merit Badge in Adobe PDF format from the U.S. Scouting Service Project website.
Scouts MUST be able to discuss any items completed as preparation works or as written work. Note: Some requirements contain items that fall into more that one category and are listed as the higher category.
Demonstrate that you know how to respond to electrical emergencies by doing the following:
a.  Show how to rescue a person touching a live wire in the home.
b.  Show how to render first aid to a person who is unconscious from electrical shock.
c.  Show how to treat an electrical burn.
d.  Explain what to do in an electrical storm.
e.  Explain what to do in the event of an electrical fire.
Complete an electrical home safety inspection of your home, using the checklist found in this pamphlet or one approved by your counselor. Discuss what you find with your counselor
Make a simple electromagnet and use it to show magnetic attraction and repulsion.
Explain the difference between direct current and alternating current.
Make a simple drawing to show how a battery and an electric bell work.
Explain why a fuse blows or a circuit breaker trips. Tell how to find a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker in your home. Show how to safely reset the circuit breaker.
Explain what overloading an electric circuit means. Tell what you have done to make sure your home circuits are not overloaded.
Make a floor plan wiring diagram of the lights, switches, and outlets for a room in your home. Show which fuse or circuit breaker protects each one.
Do the following:
a.  Read an electric meter and, using your family's electric bill, determine the energy cost from the meter readings.
b.  Discuss with your counselor five ways in which your family can conserve energy.
Explain the following electrical terms: volt, ampere, watt, ohm, resistance, potential difference, rectifier, rheostat, conductor, ground, GFCI, circuit, and short circuit.
Do any TWO of the following:
a.  Connect a buzzer, bell or light with a battery. Have a key or switch in the line.
b.  Make and run a simple electric motor (not from a kit).
c.  Build a simple rheostat. Show that it works.
d.  Build a single-pole double-throw switch. Show that it works.
e.  Hook a model electric train layout to a house circuit. Tell how it works.
The requirements listed on this web site are believed to be correct.
The official requirements can be found in the current edition of
"Boy Scout Requirements Book 2024"

Download the workbook for the Electricity Merit Badge
in Adobe PDF format from, The U.S. Scouting Service Project website.

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